Orchid Tree

(Bauhinia variegata)


Orchid tree exhibits medicinal properties. Its root is carminative, flowers are laxative, and the bark, roots and flowers, when mixed with rice-water, are used in poultice form as a maturant. It is also a food plant. The leaves, flower buds, flowers, and young seedpods are cooked and eaten as vegetable. The flower buds can also be pickled and used in curries. Aside from the abovementioned uses of the plant, it also yields a gum. The bark is a source of tannins and fibre, and is used for dyeing. The fine wood is hard and durable and is used in carpentry and fuel. 


The Edible Arbor Walk is a project intended to give the community hands on opportunities to see where their food comes from. Park patrons consume trees from the Edible Arbor Walk at their own discretion.

Trees are planted by volunteers of the Elgin community. All trees donated to the Elgin Parks & Recreation Department, and purchased by the Elgin Parks & Recreation Department, are the property of the City of Elgin. The City of Elgin retains the right to move, replace or discard trees as necessary.