Yarn Bomb the Park

Elgin Memorial Park  May 1st - May 20th, 2022
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A new annual event in Elgin, Yarn Bomb the Park, encourages Elginites to express their creativity through the fiber arts! Everyone of all skill levels are invited to decorate the bollards in Elgin Memorial Park to bring brightness and joy to park goers!

1.) Sign up: https://secure.rec1.com/TX/elgin-tx/catalog

2.) Pick a bollard in Elgin Memorial Park, 361 N HWY 95.

3.) Knit, crochet, or weave your family friendly bollard decoration.

4.) Put up your decoration by May 5th, 2023.

Once your yarn bomb is installed please take a picture of it and email it to parks@elgintexas.gov with your name and contact information

What is "Yarn Bombing"?

Yarn bombing is part street art, part graffiti, and part activism, which combines the seemingly “cute” and comforting elements of knitting and crocheting, with the revolutionary and mild civil disobedience of graffiti / “tagging” of public objects, in order to make some sort of artistic statement.

Yarn Bomb the Park Guidelines:
  • All yarn bombing installations must be "family friendly" and not contain offensive material.
  • No experience necessary, all ages and level of skill are encouraged to participate.
  • Artistic displays must not impede the functionality of the fixture.
  • Artistic displays must not make any permanent alterations to the fixture; piece cannot be permanently attached to underneath object and must leave the object unharmed after removal.
  • No yarn bombing installations may be placed on living things, including trees and bushes.
  • There is no limit to the number of bollards you can decorate.
  • Work must be collected no later than June 30th, 2023 if you wish to keep it. 
  • Work remaining after June 30th, 2023 becomes property of the Elgin Parks & Recreation Department. 
  • By adding your art to the display, you give permission to the City of Elgin to reproduce images of work.
  • Once your yarn bombing installation is installed, please take a picture of it and email it to parks@elgintexas.gov with your name, age and contact information
Prime Timer Knitting Day - Free Knitting Club for Ages 60+
Interested in participating? Get a jump on your next project by joining our active older adults every fourth Monday of the month from 2PM - 4PM at the Elgin Recreation Center. This is a chance for participants to knit, crochet, naal-bind and more, while having coffee and socializing. 

2022 Yarn Bomb Parade:

In support of the Explore Elgin Arts & Culture Event the Elgin Parks & Recreation Department debuted the Yarn Bomb the Park project! Patrons were asked to decorate the bollards in Elgin Memorial Park to brighten the day of passersbys. Below see the album of artwork produced by the Elgin community.