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Nofsinger House - Elgin City Hall Under Construction - circa 1906 Photo by Collin Sheehan PhotographyResponsibilities

A summary includes:

  • Building Permitting & Inspection which includes Building, Fire, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fuel-Gas, & Signs.
  • Construction Permitting & Inspections which includes Subdivision Construction & Site Development. 
  • Zoning which includes Rezoning, Zoning Variances, Specific Uses, & Special Exceptions
  • Platting which includes Concept Plans, Preliminary, Final, Re-plat, Plat Vacation, Amending Plat, Short Form, & Subdivision Variances
  • Maintain & Insure Compliance with Planning Documents which includes the Comprehensive Plan
  • Postal Addressing
Building Applications
Schedule Inspection
Building Codes
Building Fees
Planning Documents
Construction Documents
Zoning Applications
Sign Application
Platting Applications
Development Codes
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