Elgin Main Street Program

The Main Street Program creates a vibrant, multiple-use, pedestrian-friendly environment in the traditional commercial district, thereby increasing economic vitality and saving historic buildings that make up the character and heritage of a community. 

Main Street is a national approach to saving our heritage by preserving historic downtown areas.

What We Provide

  • Free design assistance for property and business owners
  • Technical training
  • Promotional events
  • Volunteer recruitment 
  • Management to implement economic development in the context of historic preservation.


We envision a revitalized and active historic downtown destination with warm-hearted friendly people and vibrant businesses, a place where ethnic and cultural diversity is celebrated.


We will enhance downtown vibrancy through historic preservation and mixed-use and pedestrian-friendly development, by strategically implementing the National Main Street Four Point Approach of Design, Organization, Promotion, and Economic Restructuring.

Core Values

Through a strong belief that the historic preservation of our irreplaceable cultural resources in the historic downtown district is vital to the revitalization and economic success of our community, we are committed to supporting the responsible repurposing of historic structures and new construction that supports mixed-use development through partnerships and a persistent effort to support community-focused development and promotion.

Welcome Guide

The Welcome Guide for Living and Working in Elgin's Historic Downtown District is to assist you in navigating the regulations that come with the historic district.

Whether you are leasing or buying, moving into residential, or opening a business, this guide offers suggestions on understanding the rules of a nationally registered historic district. Click the photo to access the guide.

Elgin Main Street Program Facts

  • Main Street is Elgin's Downtown Historic District. 
  • Includes 14 city blocks of commercial and industrial buildings
  • Most buildings are constructed of locally produced brick and were erected between 1872 and 1947
  • Since 1990, private property owners, business owners, and the public sector have invested approximately $24 million in the downtown area. 
  • The Elgin Main Street Program provides a variety of assistance to building owners.

Helpful Resources

Business Assistance

The Main Street program provides the following assistance programs:

Learn more about available business assistance opportunities through the Economic Development Corporation by emailing Kaley Frye.

Main Street Programs 

For more information: Email Kristina Alvarez

  • How to Volunteer
  • Downtown Elgin Public Art Plan - Design Committee Art in Elgin. 
  • Promotion Tourism Committee is a joint committee between the Main Street Program and the Chamber of Commerce. Meets at 9:30 am on the third Tuesday of each month at the Chamber Board Room.
  • Business Retention & Recruitment includes volunteers, Economic Development Director, Main Street Manager, Chamber President who work together to provide business training classes, business promotions, and market analysis. Meets at 8:30 am on the third Wednesday of each month at the Chamber Board Room.
  • Organization Downtown 78621

How to Volunteer 

The Main Street Program has multiple opportunities to volunteer, click here to join us.  You can serve on the advisory board or a committee. We always need volunteers for special events and projects such as the Hogeye Festival or Explore Elgin Arts & Culture. For more information contact: kristina.alvarez@elgintexas.gov.

Adopt a Spot

The adopt-a-spot program is sponsored by the Main Street Board to beautify Main Street and Elgin. This program is designed to help you and your neighbors play an ongoing role in maintaining an area that needs a little extra attention. Find out how you can participate!

Texas Main Street City

Elgin became a Texas Main Street City in 1990, and since 1999, is a Nationally Accredited Main Street City through the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Properties in the district may be eligible for State and Federal Tax Credits.

Recognition for Excellence

The efforts of Elgin Main Street have earned it recognition for excellence in the field of downtown revitalization. The recognition is based on strict criteria such as broad-based public support, historic preservation ethic, active board of directors, adequate funding, a paid professional manager, and reporting of economic progress by providing statistical information. The program's performance was evaluated by Texas Main Street Center, which is the statewide coordinating organization for Main Street programs in Texas.

Kennedy Smith, director of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Main Street Center said, "The people of Elgin should be proud of their achievement in their program's development, and maintain their commitment to downtown revitalization."

Award Winning Main Street Program

Texas Downtown Association President's Awards

  • 2018  -  City of Elgin Downtown Zoning Overlay- Best Economic Game Changer Program
  • 2017  -  Elgin Economic Development Corporation - Best Downtown Partner
  • 2014  -  The Owl Wine Bar & Home Goods - Best Downtown Business under $50,000
  • 2006  -  Downtown 78621 - Best Marketing Program
  • 2002  -  W.C. Estes - Downtowner of the Year 
  • 2002  -  Union Depot - Best Restoration 
  • 2002  -  Hogeye Festival - Best Promotional Event
  • 2002  -  Telephone Jim's Catfish Parlor - Best Commercial Interior - Small City 

Program Success

The Main Street program has been successful in Texas due in part to a partnership between, Texas Main Street Center and the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Main Street Center. Elgin is one of several communities in Texas that have met the criteria. Says Smith, "These elite programs represent some of the finest community initiatives and some of the most successful revitalization efforts that exist in this country."

Main Street Board

The Main Street Board promotes downtown revitalization through the Main Street Four Point Approach and hosts the Hogeye Festival as well as various events and activities throughout the Historic Downtown District. Classes and seminars are also provided to business owners to help them with things like marketing, website design, and more. Board Members are appointed by City Council and serve two-year terms. 

MSB Logo
  1. Amy Miller

    Community Services Director

  2. Kristina Alvarez

    Main Street Manager

  3. Community Services

    Physical Address
    802 North Avenue C
    Fleming Community Center
    Elgin, TX 78621

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 591
    Elgin, TX 78621


    Monday thru Friday
    8 am to 5 pm

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