The City of Elgin’s Utility Department operates and maintains both the Water and Wastewater Plants and is responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure lines, locates, and water wastewater taps. The department encompasses 4 separate sections that work together as a whole to ensure all our customers are provided quick and effective assistance to their current needs. A broad overview of each department’s responsibilities is described below; this does not cover everything we do, but hopefully will provide a better understanding of the Utility Department.

Utility Administration is responsible for the normal day to day activities of running the administration portion of the department. Our customer service includes, receiving requests for the setup of water and wastewater taps-connections, receiving and dispatching personnel to main water line breaks and wastewater backups, and utility locations prior to digging.

Utility Maintenance is responsible for maintaining, repairing, replacing and constructing or overseeing the construction of new water and wastewater lines, clearing and repairing manholes and covers, clearing wastewater lines, and installing water and wastewater taps for new customers throughout the city boundaries and jurisdictions.

Water Operations is responsible for operating and maintaining the facilities of the Water Treatment Plant. Four wells extract raw water from the Corrizo-Wilcox Aquifer, which is then filtered, purified, tested and supplied to our customers.

Wastewater Operations is responsible for operating and maintaining the facilities of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. All wastewater, domestic and commercial/industrial is collected at the plant, once received it then is processed and treated, then pressed into a recyclable product which is transported to Austin. 

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Michael Gonzalez

Public Works Director

Physical Address:

1135 Swenson Blvd

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 591 

Elgin, TX 78621

Hours of Operation

M-F 8:00am – 5:00pm

Phone Numbers:

During business hours please call 512-229-3260 for:
•Water main breaks
•Sewer backups
•Water and sewer line locates in the right-of-way

 After Hours-Emergencies

Call 512-661-8585