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friends of elgin parks
The Friends of Elgin Parks (F.O.E.P.), created in 2003, is a fundraising organization that assists in providing the Springtime Music in the Park series and parks improvements. In cooperation with the Elgin parks and Recreation Advisory Board, fund from the Friends of Elgin Parks are used to beautify current park and recreation facilities, expand park facilities and assist in long range plans for the Parks' system in Elgin. 
Our goals are to:
  • Encourage recreation, education and play in Elgin parks
  • Improve and promote parks in Elgin
  • Gain high levels of active membership
  • Provide supplemental events to existing Parks and Rec programming
Donating to the Friends of Elgin Parks makes a direct impact on the community around you. Through the F.O.E.P. the Elgin Parks & Recreation Department is able to create more biodiversity in our parks by planting a variety of trees and plants, and the City of Elgin is enriched through community-based programming. Your contribution will go directly to funding better bands for Music in the Park, planting more trees in our parks, and enhances Parks & Rec events and park features. 
friends of elgin parks



All benefits listed below
Name and logo on event signage and website
River on Contrasts: The Texas Colorado, a signed copy by author


All benefits listed below
Tree planting in honor, memory or celebration of a person or organization


100% organic cotton carry bag

MEMBER - $25

Yearly membership to the Friends of Elgin Parks

You can become a member by emailing or sending your check and completed membership form to the Friends of Elgin Parks, PO Box 531, Elgin, TX 78621.


You can support the many Parks & Recreation programs by sponsoring an event, making a donation or volunteering your time. 

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events and programs


Join us for our annual, free, live-music series, Music in the Park! Every Friday in April and May, The Friends of Elgin Parks will host a different band in Veteran’s Memorial Park. Be sure to bring your friends and family, beverages, snacks, blanket or a lawn chair to enjoy this event to its fullest!

2022 Music in the Park Schedule Flyer
Skate Night (1)

Go Skate Day Fundraiser

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022  |  6:00PM - 9:00PM

Hosted by Parks & Recreation and Lone Star Skateshop - Bastrop, the Go Skate Day Fundraiser was a huge success with over 100 participants and raised $391.00 through donations, concession sales and game play! 

Goal is to purchase a Skate Park in a Box ($11,000) or Portable Skate Park ($15,500) that provides a full skate park experience including adult-sized quarter pipes, launch ramps, rails, manual pads and more! 

Amy M.  $10.00 Liam C.  $30.00 Kat S.  $30.00
Kyle S.   $20.00 Sunnie M. $25.00 Justin & Liam $20.00
Hope  $5.00 Robin S.  $20.00 Zoe & Lizzie  $35.00
Samantha  $5.00 Robert  $20.00 Steph  $20.00
friends of elgin parks

Elgin Memorial Park Tree Planting

On Saturday, November 23, 2013, the Friends of Elgin Parks, a hardy group of folks, gathered at Elgin Memorial Park to plant six trees. The purchase of the trees was made possible by donations of $250 and above to Friends of Elgin Parks from Lee and Martha Cox, Rick and Georgeanne Pinson, Rick and Betsy Nalle, Josh and Jamie Hausladen and 2 anonymous donors.

A variety of drought tolerant trees were chosen to complement existing trees. Mike Brune of Lone Star Mulch and Compost donated mulch for the project.

A group of trees will be planted at 1 of Elgin's parks each fall after the Friends of Elgin Parks accumulate sponsors in the $250 and above level.
Tree Planting Volunteers
Front row: Cristin Embree, Debbie Gaston, Emily Brown, Skylar Tatum, Patti Tatum, Michael Gonzalez
Back row: Kay Queen, Susie the dog, Steve Van Landingham, James Sides