Sausage Capital of Texas

We have been making our famous Elgin Hot Sausage for over 125 years right here at Southside Market and BBQ, Inc. in Elgin, Texas. Part of what makes “Elgin Hot Guts”, as the old timers call it, different from other sausages in the area is the seasoning and the quality of the fresh ingredients. And, it comes in only one flavor - hot. Don’t let that scare you, though, we lightened up on the pepper back in the 1970’s so that everyone would be able to enjoy it. For those who still like the original, we took the extra pepper and put it into our authentic Elgin Hot Sauce. [Read More]
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It all started in the late 1800s, when Henry Meyer hitched a ride from Germany to the U.S., bringing his recipe for smoked sausage all the way to Texas. Then, around 1915, Henry taught his son, Rudolf Karl Georg (R.G.) Meyer the secrets of his mouthwatering sausage. Soon, R.G. was the hit of his friends, making big batches of it for them every chance he got. With some prodding from his fans, R.G. was persuaded to start marketing the tasty sausage, and founded Meyer’s Sausage Company in 1949. With the birth of Meyer’s Elgin Sausage came the dawn of a new civilization: ‘Cue-topia, Texas. Why ‘Cue-topia? Well, as R.G. always said, “’Cue-topia is the perfect state of barbecue.” [Read More]

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