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1. Where can I open carry?
2. Where can I NOT open carry?
3. Who can ask to see my license to carry?
4. What weapons are not allowed to open carry?
5. Do public schools have to post "no carry" signs or is it just understood they are a "no carry" zone?
6. Can private businesses opt-out of open carry?
7. What should a citizen do if a business tells them they cannot have their gun exposed but don't have the prohibited sign posted?
8. Is there a limit to the number of firearms you can carry?
9. Can an individual carry a handgun in a private vehicle?
10. What is campus carry?
11. Does this change the law for open carrying of long arms and black powder guns?
12. Would a license holder have to conceal a weapon if they are dropping off a child at a Elgin ISD school or facility? (Not actually entering the premise)
13. If I currently have a Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL), will DPS issue me a new License to Carry Handgun (LTC) when HB 910 (open carry) becomes effective?